Front Door Portraits, Pubraits, Pour-traits!

In Aid of Focus Ireland

I have recently begun a photography project on local pubs in Dublin, with the aim of also raising a few quid for Focus Ireland through Go Fund Me

I wanted to photograph some of our most well known and loved pubs and their owners. Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, I really appreciate how difficult things are for all of the publicans and their industry. I thought it would be great to draw a little attention to the business’s and the people behind the doors of our most loved pubs.

Front Door Portraits, is a portrait of the proprietor, taken at the front door of their pub. I am hoping to create and document a collection of these photos to have on record from such unprecedented times from one of our most cultural institutions.

This would be a few minutes at your front door of your pub, obviously adhering to all social distancing measures.

There is no fee and you will be sent your photos by email, any donations will go directly to Focus Ireland –

If you would like to get involved give me a call at – 086 8861203 or drop me an email –

Looking forward to hearing from you, Jules